Highly qualified roof plumbers and roofers bringing 40 years of industry experience in metal roofing and stormwater products to the table.


Roof & Wall Sheeting

We are suppliers of quality roof sheeting with design flexibility. Chat to us about various profiles, metal sheets, coatings and panels, all of which offer complete roofing solutions.

We cater for all kinds of roofing requirements. Speak to us today.

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Building Supplies

We are not just Roofing Suppliers!! At Roof Plumbers Warehouse we have incorporated many other building products, such as gyprock, timber, hardware, CFC, Doors and more!

Speak to us about your requirments today.

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Roof Plumbers Warehouse provides a wide range of guttering products suited for replacements, repairs and installations; created for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

We’re the one-stop shop with all the necessary stock for roofing projects.

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Roof Vents

Air out those dark places with roof vents and ventilation that Perth contractors recommend. Allow the natural air to circulate through a home without the need for electrical fans. Keep the moisture out during winter when the hot air condenses, and chase out the mustiness of summer, with our vents.

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Save money and energy with our wide variety of insulation products designed to line your roof, walls, floors and pipes. Choose from our selection made from the finest insulation materials. Contact us today for roof insulation products that Perth tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts recommend.

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Ridge Flashing

Enhance the look of your property’s exterior with quality ridge flashing from Roof Plumbers Warehouse. We offer a wide range of moulds, corner trims, flashing and accessories for commercial and residential use. Stylish designs to complement various architectural styles.

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We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


    Belgium Made Quality Products

    • Roof and Gutter Silicone
    • T-Rex Fast Grab Sealant and Adhesives
    • Swipex Hand Wipes
    • Soudal Hand Cleaner
    • Soudal Cleaner and Degreaser


    Industry Veterans

    We have vast knowledge which is required to ensure plumbers and roofing specialists can carry out their projects efficiently and effectively.

    Trustworthy, Reliable and Efficient

    Our company performance is backed by our growing reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and efficient service and product provider.

    Premium Products

    Carry out your projects efficiently and effectively with our extensive range of premium products.

    Excellent Pricing

    We are a no fuss; get in, load up, get out, Roofing Shop with excellent pricing and customer service

    Not sure which solution fits you business needs?


    Can you organise installation?

    We sure can.   We will refer you to our sister company, Fraser & London Roofing Services, who have over 100 years combined commercial roofing experience.

    Can we have our complete order delivered to site?

    What sort of supply company would we be if we didn’t take all of the hassle away? All it takes is a phone call, email or visit in store and we can detail all of the sheeting, flashings and gutters and have them delivered to site with in the time frame you need.

    Do you handle commercial and domestic roofing projects?

    We are happy to arrange supply only, but installation is also required, we would refer you to our sister company, Fraser & London Roofing Services,  who have over 100 years combined commercial roofing experience.

    If I order the goods today, when could I expect delivery?

    Once we order your goods, you are looking at about a 2 – 3 day period for the goods to be made and delivered to your choice of destination.
    We are also happy to arrange transport to anywhere with in WA for your convenience.


    Lengths of Bluescope profile gutters
    Whirly bird 300mm Zincalum