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Profiled metal sheeting can be used for roofing, siding, and even interior applications, providing a sleek and modern look. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to install and allows for quick and efficient construction.

In addition to its functional benefits, profile metal sheeting offers aesthetic advantages as well. It can be painted or coated in a range of colours and finishes, allowing for customization and creating a unique look for each building.

To learn more about our products and services, the different profiles available listed below, or to place an order, please contact us today!

  • Comrib 50
  • Hi-Rib
  • SpanForm
  • CorroMax
  • Mini Orb
  • Mac Nail Strip
  • Mac Distinction
  • Mac Snap Lock
  • Mac Standing Seam
  • Mini Corodek
  • Mac Interlocking Panel
  • MaxLine
  • V – Dek
  • Sharpline
  • Avantaline
  • Mini Corry
  • MonoPanel
  • Premier 300
  • CGI Mini Cladding
  • Hiland Tray Standing Seam
  • Interlock

Please contact us to confirm the availability of the profiles before placing and order.


Our friendly team are available to discuss your requirements and answer your questions.