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Roof battens are one of those frequently misunderstood and overlooked aspects of house construction. But roof battens perform some incredibly important structural functions to safeguard your roof.

Roof battens:

  • Increase the structural performance of roof truss systems
  • Enable roofing materials to be secured firmly to the roof
  • Assist with correct alignment of roofing sheets

The choice of roof batten material is extremely important as is the design of any batten system.

This is because battens serve to evenly spread load stresses such as wind (uplift and direct loading) and weight across the roof truss system.

Roofs can be subject to enormous forces especially during high wind events and many roofs have failed due to the use of inappropriate fasteners or the incorrect choice of batten material.

It is important to get the right advice whether you are replacing a roof or designing a new build.

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