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Rainheads & Sumps


Rain heads and sumps help to manage the flow of rainwater. A rain head is a product that is installed at the top of a downpipe to handle huge amounts of water so the downpipe isn’t overloaded.

A sump, on the other hand, is a pit or container that collects rainwater from the roof and stores it for future use or disposal. It is typically located at the lowest point of the roof and is connected to the downpipes that lead to the stormwater system. The sump also serves to prevent flooding and water damage to the building by directing excess water away from the roof.

Together, rain heads and sumps help to ensure that rainwater is effectively managed and controlled on a roofing system, protecting buildings and their occupants from potential water damage, and providing a sustainable source of water for future use. By capturing and utilizing rainwater, they also contribute to water conservation efforts and reduce the strain on municipal water supplies.

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